Awards and Plenary Speakers

We are very honoured to confirm the attendance of the following medal awardees, who will provide delegates with high-profile plenary lectures covering several aspects of Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science.

Prof. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya

Faraday Medal and Lecture

Prof. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya is currently the Director of the Interface Science Department at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin (Germany). She is a world-leading expert in the fundamental study of electrocatalysis, with a particular interest in the development of new catalysts for the electroreduction of CO2.

Prof. Robert A. W. Dryfe

Geoffrey Barker Medal and Lecture

Prof. Robert A. W. Dryfe is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the School of Natural Sciences in The University of Manchester. He is renowned for his work on electrochemistry at liquid-liquid interfaces and the study of electrochemical properties and applications of graphene and other 2D materials. 

Dr. David Hodgson

Castner Medal and Lecture

Dr. David Hodgson is Founder and Managing Director of TFP Hydrogen Products and CEO of Amalyst Ltd. He is well recognised as a leader in the field of industrial electrochemistry having successfully developed commercialised a number of electrochemical technologies such as advanced coatings and catalysts for fuel cells and the chlor-alkali industry. 

Prof. Alison Davenport

UR Evans Award and Lecture

Alison Davenport is Professor of Corrosion Science and Head of the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham.  She is well known for her work on understanding localised corrosion phenomena and passive films by developing and applying advanced in situ characterisation techniques such as synchrotron X-ray methods.

Prof. Andrew R. Mount

John Albery Memorial Lecture

Prof. Andrew R. Mount is Professor of Physical Electrochemistry at the School of Chemistry in The University of Edinburgh, where he is also Dean of Research at the College of Science and Engineering. He is well known for his work on a wide range of areas within fundamental and applied electrochemistry, from micro- and nanoelectrode arrays to biosensors and molten salts.